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DYRKE full pack

DYRKE full pack

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This package contains eight different DYRKE grow bags and one bottle of DYRKE liquid fertilizer;

1 pc DYRKE basil
1 pc DYRKE pea shoots
1 pc DYRKE chives
1 pc DYRKE coriander
1 pc DYRKE rosemary
1 pc DYRKE ruccola
1 pc DYRKE thyme
1 pc DYRKE soil only
1 pc DYRKE liquid fertilizer ready-mixed 1000 ml

Grow your own fresh herbs, straight from the bag!

Cut off the top of the bag down to soil level to let in as much light as possible. Mix the seeds with the soil in the bag and add water often enough to keep the soil moist. At the same time, avoid watering too much. The bag is placed in a warm place with good sunlight (use grow lights in winter). Feel free to continue planting in a larger pot or in the kitchen garden after a few weeks.

The grow bags contain seeds and premium soil made from food waste. The soil is rich in nutrients and contains living microbes that give the plant good nutrition over time.

Liquid fertilizer from recycled food waste!

DYRKE fertilizer is more than a fertilizer - it is also a highly concentrated biostimulant that provides good soil health over time! DYRKE contributes to the absorption of nutrients, better soil structure and simply a more pleasant environment. Good for your plants, good for nature!

Areas of use: This ready-mixed product is well suited for indoor plants. You can also fill the contents on a spray bottle and shower a thin layer on the soil.
Recommended dosage : One cap per week per potted plant, in addition to water.

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