Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you based?

How long has DYRKE been around?
DYRKE is a new product line. The first product (grow bags) was launched in 2023.

Where is DYRKE produced?
DYRKE is produced at the start-up company Wastech's first processing plant, which is located at Sotra outside Bergen.

Where does the food waste come from?
Wastech collects food waste from nursing homes in Bergen as part of an innovation collaboration with Bergen municipality. The aim is to bring in larger quantities from several different business players as more processing facilities come into place.

How do I use the products?
Read about dosage and use of DYRKE here.


What does DYRKE liquid fertilizer contain?
See analyzes of nutritional content here.

Why is the nitrogen content in DYRKE liquid fertilizer low?
With our first liquid fertilizer, we primarily want to offer an alternative that is as natural as possible based on the food waste collected. The fertilizer consists of completely natural runoff from fermented food waste, and can be compared to bokashi liquid. In the process from food waste to compost soil, most of the nitrogen will bind to the compost soil, which means that there will be little of it in the liquid. Therefore, the nitrogen content is low. DYRKE compost soil is very nitrogen-rich, and thus perfect to use in combination with DYRKE liquid fertilizer.

Future product launches in the DYRKE series will offer a number of different nutritional compositions. Wastech is working to develop a revolutionary technology where, with the help of technology like artificial intelligence, the amount and combination of nutrients in the end products is adjusted. This preserves a natural process without the need for artificial additives.

Where can I buy compost soil from DYRKE?
DYRKE compost soil will be ready for physical sale and available in the online store in selected packaging in spring 2025.