Our aim is that everyone should be able to grow organically regardless of need.

DYRKE are the final products from the exciting start-up company Wastech's circular production. Wastech has developed their own innovative method for converting food waste into fertilizer inspired by bokashi.

Our products contain the healthiest soil to grow in - soil made from recycled Norwegian food waste.

A unique nutritional composition

Compost soil: Ground, sanitized and fermented food waste is mixed with growing soil and gives an organic soil improvement product with important nutrients and healthy microorganisms. DYRKE compost soil will be available for purchase in 2024.

Liquid fertilizer: The process also creates highly concentrated liquid organic nutrients that ensure good root development and healthy plants.

Grow bags: Our compost soil and liquid fertilizer together form a delicious combo for plant growth. The grow bags are our first product with this blend and include a rich selection of herbs.

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The world's most natural fertilizer?

With our fertilizer products, we primarily want to offer alternatives that are as natural as possible based on the food waste collected.

The liquid fertilizer consists of completely natural runoff from fermented food waste, and can be compared to bokashi liquid.

Future product launches in the DYRKE series will offer a number of different nutritional compositions. Wastech is working to develop a revolutionary technology where, with the help of technology like artificial intelligence, the amount and combination of nutrients in the end products is adjusted. In this way, a natural process is preserved without the need for artificial additives that are toxic to nature.